Test Out of Foundations

If you have been an active member of another CrossFit Affiliate for at least 6 months and have successfully completed their Foundations/Elements course you are eligible to ‘test out’ of our Foundations requirement.

In order to test out, you will need to schedule 30 minutes with one of our coaches to demonstrate that you can perform the exercises that we use in our programming, specifically; the Back Squat, Front Squat, Deadlift, Clean and Jerk, Overhead Squat and Snatch (no heavy weights required, we are looking at movement). We will also ask you to Row 500m, swing a Kettle bell and show us a pull-up (band is ok).

The fee to test out is $35 and includes one free CrossFit Class.

Two simple steps will get you set-up;

1) Create an Athlete Profile in our system, here. Be sure to include your credit card information to pay for the session.

2) Email us at; info@crossfitwallstreet.com with Test Out in the subject line to schedule your appointment.