PHASE 9 (Upper Body and Lower Body Accessory and Strength)

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Our new Phase 9 Accessory and Strength Work Starts this Thursday!  Please read below to see what movements we will be working on!!!!


Upper (Week 1 & Week 3)


A1. Strict press 3×5

A2. Lateral Raise 3×8

B1. Bent Over DB reverse fly 3×10-12

B2. Arnold press 3×8-10

B3. BB up right row hang 3×8


C1. DB Curl 3×8-10

C2. DB Tricep Kick Back 3×8-10


Lower (Week 1 & Week 3)


4 sets

A1. DB step ups 4010 tempo

A2. Single leg deadlift 3010 tempo

B1. BB Side Lunges 3×8 (ea)

B2. Banded squat supported 3×15

B3. BB Calf Raise 3xMax


C1. Wide Grip Bicep Curl 3×8-10

C2. BB Curl 3xMax

C3. Zottoman curl 3×8-12


Upper (Week 2 & Week 4)


A1. Floor Press 4×6

A2. DB incline flye 4×15

B1. Ring Dips 4×6-8

B2. BB curl 4×6

Tabata mashup x2

2min rest between


Australian pullups


Lower (Week 2 & Week 4)


A1. Front Foot Elevated Reverse Lunges KB 4×10-12

A2. BB sumo stance good morning 4×8

B1. Heel Elevated Goblet Squat 3×20

B2. KB Swing 3×20

C1. Banded Side Clams 3×20

C2. Banded Squats 3×20

C3. Banded KB Glute Bridge 3×20

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