PHASE 7 (Upper Body and Lower Body Accessory and Strength)

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Our new Phase 7 Accessory and Strength Work Starts this Thursday!  Please read below to see what movements we will be working on!!!!


Upper  (WEEK 1 & WEEK 3)


A1: Push Press 3×8-10

A2: DB Bent Over Lateral Raise 3×10-12

A3: DB Front to Lateral Raise 3 sets for max reps

2:30min rest


B1: Floor Rolling Skull Crush to Press  3x 8-10

B2: Banded Tricep Pushdown 3×10-12

B3: Close Grip Pushups 3 sets for max reps

2:00min rest


C1: DB Hammer Curl 3×10-12

C2: BB Curl Reverse Grip 3×10-12

C3: Wide Grip BB Curl 3 sets for max reps

2:00min rest


Lower (WEEK 1 & WEEK 3)

A1: Sumo DL 3×6

A2: Bulgarian Split Squat 3×8 (ea)

2:00min rest

B1: DB RDL 3×8

B2: Single Leg Hip Thrust 3×15

75sec rest

C1: Landmine Straddle Squat 3×10

C2: Banded Hip Abduction 3×20

C3: Banded Squat 3×20

75sec rest


Upper (WEEK 2 & WEEK 4)


A1: Floor Press 3×10 (5010+2010) tempo contrast

A2: Rear Delt Landmine Row 3×15 (ea)

75sec Rest

B1: DB Hammer Curl to Press 3×10 (ea)

B2: Chest Raise / DB Pullover  3×20

2min rest



C1: Hammer Curl + Side Raise 3×20 (ea)

C2: Overhead KB Tricep Extension 3×20

C3: Renegade Rows 3x60secs

75sec rest


Lower (WEEK 2 & WEEK 4)

A1: Front Racked Reverse Lunge 4×6

A2: Single Legged Landmine RDL 4×8 (ea)

2min rest

B1: DB Cyclist Squat 3×10

B2: Banded Hamstring Curl 3×10

75sec rest


3 sets

6-8reps + max + max

Mechanical drop set

C1. Pronated (reverse) grip

C2. Supinated wide

C3. Supinated narrow

2min rest

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