Phase 3 (4 Week Cycle) Coach Somerton’s Accessory/Strength Program





Phase 3, 4 weeks cycle


A series movement:


– 1 set equals 8 total reps, but in the 1 set we are combining 2 different tempos.


– The first 4 reps, we are utilizing very slow eccentrics –  5/01/0 – 5 seconds to lower the weight, then explode up.


– After 4 reps with the 5/0/1/0 tempo, it should feel as if you can almost do no more 5/01/0 tempo reps.


– Then you immediately continue with fast eccentric reps with a 2/0/1/0 tempo for 4 more reps which should be extremely hard!


– 4 reps with 5/0/1/0 tempo + 4 more reps immediately following with a 2/0/1/0 tempo. Fun times!



B series movement:


3 x 10/7/5

– This means in 1 set you will do 10 reps to failure, then rest for 10-15 seconds and continue with the same weight for another 7 reps. Then rest again for another 10-15 seconds before finally performing 5 more reps. This is 1 set!


– You will then rest for 75 seconds before moving to the B2) exercise, a Sumo RDL which also follows the same 10 / 7 / 5 method.


– You perform this exactly the same as the B1) exercise (as written above) to complete 1 set of the RDL. Rest 75 seconds again before going back and performing set 2 of the cyclist squat for another set.


– This phase has lots of reps and lots of sets. My advice is to add weight each set, so the final 2 sets are really hard. Enjoy this phase, it will lead to some amazing pumps

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