Our Facility



CrossFit Wall Street is located on 60 New Street, stop by or email us here to schedule a tour.

60 New Street

At 60 New Street we occupy 2,500' of space on the ground floor of a landmark 1920's office building, we have 14' ceilings and large store  front windows.

At CrossFit Wall Street we conduct small group classes – no more than 8 people in a class, this way we can make sure your technique is correct and that the exercises are scaled appropriately for your level of fitness.

We also provide our members with a personalized 'on ramp' Foundaons Course. Before you join our classes, our coaches will take you through 4 private 1 hour sessions to make sure you understand how to perform the exercises safely and efficiently.


We are open 7 Days a Week (see our schedule) and have locker rooms, private showers, towels, products, and tee shirts for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have showers? Yes, we have showers, lockers  and towels.

Do you allow Drop-in's? Yes, however you must follow the procedure here to join us for a work out. No exceptions.

Can I jump in and try one of your classes? You can try our facility by enrolling in our Free intro class. See details here.

What if I've been CrossFitting at another Box, do I still have to take Foundations?  No, please contact us at info@crossfitwallstreet.com and we can get you set up with a membership.

What are your classes like? We are a traditional CrossFit Box that follows the programming ideals of our founder, Greg Glassman. Each class consists of an organized warm-up, a skill and a WOD (workout of the day). The skill component focuses on one the 9 major barbell exercises that we utilize in our WOD, namely; Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Press, Push Press, Thruster, Deadlift, Sumo High Pull, Power Clean, and Snatch.