New Programing Thursday and Sunday!!

Welcome back to training!


CrossFit Wall Street has a new and exciting initiative to introduce for you come Thursdays and Sundays!!


Our Experienced Coach Somerton Lester has worked concurrently with your CrossFit program workouts and developed a new initiative that will drive up your general physical readiness and push through some lagging areas that maybe holding you back!


It’s a chance to pull back on the high intensity interval weight training days and focus on some areas that will work to ensure you push past your previous level of achievement.


Therefore, Somerton will be introducing you and mentoring you through detailed training pathways that will help you succeed in these areas.

The session will be split into numerous superset style workout blocks, this will entail partnering two exercises of the same muscle group together working through time under tension for that specific phase


This will will be the 1st Phase over 3-4 weeks.  Then Somerton will introduce a new Phase every 3-4 weeks moving forward.


What you can expect Phase 1 – is volume; This is a “Hypertrophy Phase,” which means too, “Increase a growth in Muscle Cells.”  Strengthening the muscles and building a solid foundation before moving to an Intensity level of increasing weight/stress on the muscle.


The idea is to progress gradually through the steps at the pace that your skill level and mobility allow.


While your attendance and consistency will ensure you reach your goals of building muscle, and strength, to therefore, raise your physical readiness standard.



Thursdays to be LOWER BODY

Sundays to be UPPER BODY


We look forward to seeing you all on the Thursday and Sundays!


In the words of Coach Somerton, “Horns Up!”


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