Old Foundations

All new members of CrossFit Wall Street must complete the Foundations Course before joining group classes.

Whether you’re in top shape, generally active, or a couch potato, CrossFit is right for you and The Foundations Course is the place to start. Our Foundations Course consists of 4 one-hour training sessions, based on your personal skill level, with one of our World Class Instructors.

Our Course is designed to get you up to speed on the basic elements of CrossFit; the proper form and technique of the exercises that we use, the philosophy of the CrossFit Program, and the Nutritional strategies we have utilized to elicit peak performance.

During these 4 One-on-One sessions your coach will ramp up the intensity based on your abilities, and analyze your movements to create a mobility and recovery program to improve your performance, safety, and flexibility.

At CrossFit Wall Street we don’t do Easy! You won’t find exercise machines, treadmills, TV’s or mirrors — we use old school barbells, dumbbells, running, rowing, pull-ups and kettle bells to deliver true functional fitness. We believe that intensity is the key and that performance is the goal. Our diverse community is incredibly supportive and friendly, and the workouts are extremely rewarding. There’s no reason to be nervous. This was new to all of us at some point!

Have you been doing CrossFit at another Affiliate? If you have been training at another CF affiliate, you may be able to test out of the Foundations Course by having your coach Email Us.


  • Cost: $400
  • 4 one-Hour Training Sessions
  • One on One Instruction
  • Scheduling according to your availability
  • Email us directly to get started