Dynamik Challenge / 6 Week Results

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We are 6 weeks into the 12 week DYNAMIK challenge and already seen fantastic results across the board. This is our first challenge and we are very excited to help our members achieve their goals! And truly learn the fundamentals behind nutrition and body composition. Follow us on Instagram and click the link to see some of the changes are members are seeing in just 6 Weeks!


We hate normal loss weight loss challenges. Why? Because they are band aids. Quick fixes that teach people nothing. We want to help you break the fad dieting merry go around and learn the key to sustainable results. We don’t just give you nutrition advice, we teach you the habits and rituals needed to reach your goal, then maintain it. Whether it’s fat loss, muscle gain, reverse dieting we can help.

Program includes:

-12 weeks of 1-on-1 nutrition coaching

⁃ Tailored nutrition recommendations

⁃ Macros / calorie breakdown – flexible dieting education

⁃ Weekly check ins or as needed.

⁃ Post coaching support and nutrition advice

Click the link below for more information:


DYNAMIK Dieting | Online Guidance

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