Next 4 weeks we will be continuing our format of Thursday and Sundays!  However, This time we will be alternating different movements every other week to keep things progressive!

Upper Body WEEK 1 AND WEEK 3


A1 – Military Press


A2 – Ring row – wide pronated

2sets 10reps/each

B – Turkish getup

C – 2mins of Push-ups (AMRAP)



1 sets

10 + 7 + 5 reps (RP 15 secs)

A1 – Spartan

A2 – Hollow rock


B1 – High Bar Back Squat  2010

6reps each

B2 – B stance DL 3010

B3 – DB curl




A1 – Floor Press 3010


A2 – Pull-up / leg assisted / hold 3010

3 sets


B1 – Incline DB press – neutral

8-10 reps

B2 – DB row 2010



1:00 each

A1 – Side, Front, Side plank

Accumulate 1:30

A2 – L-sit


B1 – DL


B2 – DB Lunge


B3 – Weighted Deadbug



C – Chin up



While many people were hunkering down during quarantine and resigning themselves to lots of snacks and couch time as the world outside seemingly ground to a halt, the members of CrossFit Wall Street were recommitting to their fitness goals.

Owner and head coach Keith Hurd considered it imperative that the community he oversaw at 60 New Street stay together. He immediately zeroed in on social media as a medium that he could use to bridge that gap.

“I kept our members engaged by posting the scores for their workouts on Instagram so that they could stay accountable to each other and also to me,” Hurd told the Downtown Alliance. “I was emailing everyone every week to week, and if I didn’t hear from anyone I would just give them a call to see if they were struggling or getting fed up.”

Since the Wall Street location reopened in September, Hurd said social distancing has been a breeze. Even before the pandemic hit, the industrial-style facility was already set up with painted floor lines, spaced six feet apart, to ensure that members didn’t crowd each other during workouts. The space isn’t designed to house more than six to eight people at a time anyway.

Like other gyms throughout the city, CrossFit Wall Street finds itself subject to the whims of elected officials and at the mercy of surging case numbers as the winter months approach. But Hurd said that if a second citywide shutdown on fitness centers does occur, it’s better if it happens during the winter months, when community members are more likely to be traveling to visit family members or letting their fitness regimens fall by the wayside in favor of indulging over the holidays.

For Hurd, who helped to open the gym downtown in 2012, the whole situation is reminiscent of Superstorm Sandy, which forced the facility to shutter for the first time just 30 days after it had opened its doors. In the intervening years, the neighborhood has bloomed, with supermarkets and family dwellings sprouting up where corporate offices once stood. “Over time it became this really cool community down here where it was more hustle bustle, where after 6p it wasn’t like a ghost town anymore like it used to be,” Hurd said.

“I feel strongly that it’s going to come back,” he added. “In six to eight months I think we’ll be able to look out at the neighborhood and say, Wow, remember how quiet it was? And now look at it, the hustle’s back. The families and the businesses are back.”

Phase 3 (4 Week Cycle) Coach Somerton’s Accessory/Strength Program





Phase 3, 4 weeks cycle


A series movement:


– 1 set equals 8 total reps, but in the 1 set we are combining 2 different tempos.


– The first 4 reps, we are utilizing very slow eccentrics –  5/01/0 – 5 seconds to lower the weight, then explode up.


– After 4 reps with the 5/0/1/0 tempo, it should feel as if you can almost do no more 5/01/0 tempo reps.


– Then you immediately continue with fast eccentric reps with a 2/0/1/0 tempo for 4 more reps which should be extremely hard!


– 4 reps with 5/0/1/0 tempo + 4 more reps immediately following with a 2/0/1/0 tempo. Fun times!



B series movement:


3 x 10/7/5

– This means in 1 set you will do 10 reps to failure, then rest for 10-15 seconds and continue with the same weight for another 7 reps. Then rest again for another 10-15 seconds before finally performing 5 more reps. This is 1 set!


– You will then rest for 75 seconds before moving to the B2) exercise, a Sumo RDL which also follows the same 10 / 7 / 5 method.


– You perform this exactly the same as the B1) exercise (as written above) to complete 1 set of the RDL. Rest 75 seconds again before going back and performing set 2 of the cyclist squat for another set.


– This phase has lots of reps and lots of sets. My advice is to add weight each set, so the final 2 sets are really hard. Enjoy this phase, it will lead to some amazing pumps

PHASE II: Coach Somerton’s Accessory and Rehabilitation Work


4 Sets (4-6 reps)+1 set (10-12 reps)

A1 – Barbell hip thrust – 1 & 1/4 reps / tempo 2210

A2 – Dumbbell Romanian DL w/band around hips – 10-12 reps / tempo 3010


4 sets (4-6 reps) +1 set (10-12)

B1 – Dumbbell Bulgarian split squat – tempo 6010/2010

B2 – low front loaded KB good morning to squat  – 15- 20 reps

3 sets


C – Barbell Lateral Split Squat – 15-20 reps – tempo 2110



New 6 Week Strength Cycle!!! TEMPO Movements

Starting On October 13th we will begin a Tempo Back Squat and Deadlift Program.  Each week we will alternate with  2 days of Back Squat and 1 Day of Deadlifts/ Then switch to 2 days of Deadlifts and 1 Day of Back Squats.


Why Tempo Work?


** dictate a specific time frame in which to perform the eccentric, isometric, and concentric phase of the squat and deadlift. Forcing a tempo on your squat/deadlift increases time under tension, places a higher demand on stability throughout the movement, and increases positional awareness of the hips and knees.


What are the Benefits??

  • TEACHES CONTROL. Tempo training essentially teaches you to slow down the movement and maintain control throughout the entire time. …


We can’t wait to see the increases and benefits from this!

Sunday’s Training (Phase 1)

Upper day – Sunday

DB floor press or landline press

Flat dB Flye

Pull wide grip

Bent over bb row pronated

DB tricep extension

DB curl

Standing dB lateral raise




New Programing Thursday and Sunday!!

Welcome back to training!


CrossFit Wall Street has a new and exciting initiative to introduce for you come Thursdays and Sundays!!


Our Experienced Coach Somerton Lester has worked concurrently with your CrossFit program workouts and developed a new initiative that will drive up your general physical readiness and push through some lagging areas that maybe holding you back!


It’s a chance to pull back on the high intensity interval weight training days and focus on some areas that will work to ensure you push past your previous level of achievement.


Therefore, Somerton will be introducing you and mentoring you through detailed training pathways that will help you succeed in these areas.

The session will be split into numerous superset style workout blocks, this will entail partnering two exercises of the same muscle group together working through time under tension for that specific phase


This will will be the 1st Phase over 3-4 weeks.  Then Somerton will introduce a new Phase every 3-4 weeks moving forward.


What you can expect Phase 1 – is volume; This is a “Hypertrophy Phase,” which means too, “Increase a growth in Muscle Cells.”  Strengthening the muscles and building a solid foundation before moving to an Intensity level of increasing weight/stress on the muscle.


The idea is to progress gradually through the steps at the pace that your skill level and mobility allow.


While your attendance and consistency will ensure you reach your goals of building muscle, and strength, to therefore, raise your physical readiness standard.



Thursdays to be LOWER BODY

Sundays to be UPPER BODY


We look forward to seeing you all on the Thursday and Sundays!


In the words of Coach Somerton, “Horns Up!”


The Power of Choice

Most of us have an area in our life we wish we were performing better in. That part of us that doesn’t quite fit into our own skin. It could be a touchy subject that our spouse and friends know to steer clear of, the elephant in the room. It could be the promotion you still haven’t received, the credit card you haven’t paid off, or the weight you were supposed to lose by the beginning of  summer… in 2012.


And because you’re wearing this very uncomfortable skin that’s not quite your size I am happy to tell you that you are exactly where you chose to be today.


I can already hear the objections rising up so let me explain why.


You see I totally understand your story. I understand because it’s yours, mine, and everyone else’s. Sometimes having a new baby, a busy time at work, or the worst timing for a medical emergency/broken down car/economic depression can happen. There are a million and one events in life that can derail us. They are not always fair and can seem impossible to overcome when they show up knocking at our door.


“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths.”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger


At that point we do an admirable thing. We give up on our dream. We set it aside to go fix the problem. We change our identity and become the superhero who knows exactly how to work overtime and take care of a sick parent. We do it because we want to make sure the story has a happy ending. We do it out of love.


And life goes on.


And sometimes the situation gets better. And sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, the situation that called for a superhero 6 months ago no longer needs a hero to save it. But there you stand in cape and tights committed to action. Except now it’s time to go home. Time to write a new story.


Where you stand today is a result of many choices. Some of your hero moments were the big decisions that shaped your trajectory. Like I said, I’m proud of you for doing that. But now it’s time to get back on the path. Your path. The one you stopped telling yourself that you wanted because it hurt too bad to think that it may never come true.


You might think it’s too late (it’s not).


You might want to try, but feel that you strayed too far (you haven’t).


You have to remember you have the power of choice. And it’s a good thing that you do. It gives you the power to turn your greatest adversity into your greatest strength. You always have the option to shy away or to stand and fight.


It’s time for a new story. You’re the hero and you’re at the turning point in the movie of your life. So what are you going to do next?You’ve endured hardship, learned tough lessons, and fallen time and time again. Wouldn’t this be a great time for everything to turn around?


Maybe you can recruit someone to help you get there, a long lost friend or a wise old mentor. Maybe you need to crank up “Eye of the Tiger” and experience the training it will take to achieve your success.


The time to act is now. Don’t slip back into your old story. You are the hero. The power of choice brought you here. Your choice decides what happens next.


So what are you going to do?


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WOD 4.11

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