5 Week Clean (Technique Cycle)

CrossFit Wall Street




Tuesday the 27th we will begin a 5 Week Technique Cycle towards the Squat Clean.

Instead of the focus being strictly based off strength (ie: 1 rep or 2 rep max) and working off percentages.  We will be focusing on the technical side of the lift.


Focused on the following:

  1. Rack Delivery
  2. Tall Muscle Clean
  3. Tall Clean


We will also break into smaller groups.  Each class will have opportunity to work on the technical side of the Clean and also build strength with different variations of the Front Squat:

  1. Zercher Squats
  2. Front Squat Lockouts
  3. Double Pause Front Squats


After the 5 weeks we will take all the tools we have learned and apply them to a 1 RM Squat Clean.


Look forward to helping all of you build a better and stronger foundation in lifting!!

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