Join us for a WOD!

We welcome Drop-ins at both our locations in the Financial District. CFWS features small classes that focus on developing excellent technique in the Olympic and Power lifts.  Our sessions include dedicated Skill work in addition to a WOD. All classes are limited to 8 Athletes, so plan in advance if you want to attend during prime time…

Follow these 4 steps;

Step 1. Set up an Athlete Profile in our system Click Here

Step 2.  Ask your coach to email us in advance, he/she needs to confirm that you have completed your home Box’s Foundations/Elements course, and that you are proficient in the basic exercises used in CrossFit WOD’s. Send that email to;

Step 3. Go to our online store and purchase a Drop-in session

Step 4. Sign up for one of our classes on line.


How long will it take to get myself set up to Visit?  Be sure to complete the above 48 hours in advance of your visit.

Yes, We are open 7 days per week and offer both Group Classes and Personal Training

Yes, We have showers, lockers, towels, tee shirts for sale, etc

No, You can not just stop by and jump in on a class (unless you’re Chris Spealer)

Yes, Every CrossFit class includes a coached Warm-up, Skill, and WOD

No, We never post the class information in advance (unknown and unknowable, remember?)

Yes, You really do have to follow the above 4 steps if you want to train here…